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“A Victim’s Plea; Meeting Expectations”

 In this full-day course, students are exposed to a riveting, emotional roller coaster of critical 911 failures that occurred the night Denise was kidnapped, raped, and murdered.  Nathan Lee, founder and President of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation, and a 911 professional tie together the elements of the Denise Amber Lee tragedy. A positive and uplifting presentation, students will learn of the obvious failures that day to the more in-depth concepts such as leadership, hiring, training and encouraging employees in a communications center. (8 Hour)

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"Hope in the Midst of Chaos: The Las Vegas Shooting Story" 

Quiet turned to terror the evening of Sunday October 1, 2017 at the Combined Communications Center of Las Vegas. A lone gunman had opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, on the famous Las Vegas Strip, where 22,000 concert-goers were in attendance. Calls poured into the center as people were running for their lives. From gunshot wounds to trample victims, misinformation to scene safety issues, Matt Grogan from Las Vegas Fire and Rescue discusses his experience that evening the lessons they learned from this event, and how you can prepare and adapt for a new normal. (4 or 8 hour course, or 90 minute keynote)

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"Best Practices of a Successful CTO; Training the Adult Learner"

During an 8-hour training session, Travis DeVore will revisit and refresh the minds of your CTOs.  As the greatest initial influence of new telecommunicators and as a representative of your agency, we will discuss the vital role of setting the standard and direction of your communications center.  From the first orientation, including phased training, documentation, and grading, we will work through proven best practices from experienced CTOs and supervision. Training adult learners is always a challenge, adding the factors of a high stressed work environment, the challenge reaches nearly impossible levels, all while meeting the needs for adult learners while also meeting the needs and demands of a successful CTO Training Program. (8 Hour)

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"Best Practices of a Successful Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Program"

The Denise Amber Lee tragedy rocked headlines and gained national attention because of the absolute perfect storm of errors and mistakes that were made in January of 2008. In 2015, The Denise Amber Lee Foundation was a driving force behind the first ever ANSI Standard for the Establishment of a Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Program for Public Safety Answering Points, Five board members from the foundation were part of the comprehensive national workgroup that crafted this document. Sherrill Ornberg, the Quality Assurance Director of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation, and Nathan Lee, President and CEO, will inspire, motivate, and help drive you to create a comprehensive Quality Assurance/Improvement process for your communications center. (8 hour course)

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"Human Trafficking Preparedness for the 9-1-1 Professional"

Human trafficking is perhaps the fastest growing crime in our nation. Despite media awareness in recent times, human trafficking is almost hid-den in many circumstances. It manifests itself in unimaginable ways and is growing at an incredible pace. According to Polaris, the global leader in the fight against human trafficking, more than 49,000 cases of human trafficking have been reported to the Human Trafficking Hotline in the last ten years. It is estimated that the total number of victims nationally reaches hundreds of thousands. In this full day course, Tina DeCola, from Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, will teach 9-1-1 Professionals and Field Personnel critical factors about human trafficking, its link to other heinous crimes, and resources to aid them in these calls. Awareness and preparedness for this ever-growing threat is key to identifying victims and traffickers. (8 hour course) 

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"A Helping Hand: Peer Support for Your Communications Center"

We are the FIRST responders. Call after call, day after day, we listen to people experience the worst day of their entire lives. But at the end of that day who takes care of us and who do we turn to? Learning to take care of each other is crucial in our industry. Therefore, having the tools and resources at hand when your team is in crisis or after a critical incident can make a huge difference in the health and well-being of your center. In this class, through instruction, hands on exercises, and scenario training, you will learn how to set up a peer support team, learn debriefing and defusing skills, suicide awareness, listening skills, and compassion fatigue. Taught by Tina DeCola from Las Vegas Fire and Rescue. (8 hour course)

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"Preparing Your Communications Center for Severe Weather"

You can take meteorology classes, and you can take weather spotting classes, but what do either of them do for us INSIDE the 9-1-1 center? Be-tween geographically large response areas and limited viewing areas, 9-1-1 centers have to find and use tools available to them in order to pre-pare for the worst. For many, its not if, it’s when. Attendees will learn about information provided by the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction center, and how it can prepare you for what is to come. Also, how weather watches, warnings, and alerts vary and differ from location to location. They will also learn how to create effective after-action reports to prepare your center for the next storm, or large incident. Taught by Matt Grogan from Las Vegas Fire and Rescue. (4 or 8 hour course)

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"Face that Fire; The Journey After Traumatic Incidents"

Public safety Telecommunicators thrive on having nerves of steel.  It is an occupational necessity to deal with a daily onslaught of traumatic events making up their 9 to 5.  An expectation to not be affected by these events, is on par with walking into water and not expecting to get wet.  What happens when there is a break in that armor, and an inner fire develops within you?  What steps do you take to face it?  During this course you will learn how to pinpoint, identify, and most importantly you will gain an understanding of how to cope with that fire, and the pressures of psychiatric trauma brought on by the job.  Instructor Joshua Fonseca, using his experience from working the 1 October Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting, will lead you on a journey, teaching you new ways to handle stressful experiences, both big and small, leaving you with not only the tools necessary, but the road map to face that fire and walk right through it.  

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"The Denise Amber Lee Story" (Keynote Address)

Denise Amber Lee Foundation President, Nathan Lee, will take you on an emotional journey, telling the story of his beautiful wife Denise Amber Lee and the powerful and uplifting journey he took after her death that led him to create a foundation in her name. Denise was abducted, raped, and murdered in Southwest Florida in 2008. The fact that Denise was the daughter of the a 25 year veteran of the local sheriff’s office brought an immediate, overwhelming response to Nathan’s first 9-1-1 call of her missing.  Four other calls to 9-1-1 were made from witnesses over the next 3 hours including one witnessing the abduction in real time, describing cross streets but to no avail.  The unbelievable number of opportunities and corresponding failures to save her that evening will be discussed and analyzed in this inspiring call to the Public Safety industry to do better.  The preventable death of his wife has garnered national attention on the need for a better trained and certified 9-1-1 workforce. Attendees will leave motivated with a sense of pride in the importance of the job they do and every call they take could be the next Denise. Understanding the incredible difficulty that Public Safety professionals endure everyday, Nathan Lee has made it his life mission to help the Public Safety industry anyway he can to make sure what happened to his wife will not happen again. Email

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