Hank Hunt


Henry E. (Hank) Hunt grew up in the central Arkansas area for the first 10 years of his life then the family moved to Austin, Texas in 1972.  A big move but one that would make him a Texan forever!

Growing up and graduating high school he married his high school sweetheart and they had two beautiful little girls, Kari and Cori.  As happens,  Hank and his wife divorced. The single father life afforded Hank time with his daughters he never experienced before but, the household needed stability and darn that lovebug, along came DaLonna (DJ). They married in 1994 and with her two daughters, Loni and Laura, we became the Huntske Bunch! Through teen years, college years and adulthood Hank was thrown curveballs by 4 girls that will forever try to figure out how he knew what he knew. Today, he enjoys his small horse ranch in East Texas with horses. dogs, cats soon to be chickens and goats along with his wife D.J. whom without, he would just be lost.

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