EvansCare Sponsors Virtual Human Trafficking Classes


Venice, FL: EvansCarea branch of Evans, has partnered with the Denise Amber Lee Foundation to sponsor the virtual "Human Trafficking Preparedness for  the 9-1-1 Professional" Series for the remainder of 2020. The course is taught by Tina DeCola, who is a Communications Specialist Supervisor for the the Combined Communications Center of Las Vegas Fire & Rescue. She has 17 years of experience, and has been instrumental in many department initiatives, including the Peer Support Team and Crisis Intervention and Management Programs. 

Recently, Tina has been a part of the Human Trafficking Steering committee and spent the last year working with various Vice units from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  With this collaboration, they put together training programs and helped develop Protocol’s for Police, Fire, EMS, and 911 Communications to help identify victims of human trafficking.  The second largest criminal industry in the world, Las Vegas has become a major hub for this activity, and it has compelled Tina to help those who are most vulnerable.  Having received calls from trafficking victims herself, she understands the need to identify these victim’s as soon as possible, and hopes to get as many departments as possible to take these training classes and use these protocols, so these victims can get out of the lifestyle they have fallen victim too. 

Evans has been a long-time supporter of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation and the two organizations have built a strong relationship based on the common goal of making the 9-1-1 community the best it can be. 


Course Description: "Human Trafficking Preparedness for the 9-1-1 Professional"

Human trafficking is perhaps the fastest growing crime in our nation. Despite media awareness in recent times, human trafficking is almost hid-den in many circumstances. It manifests itself in unimaginable ways and is growing at an incredible pace. According to Polaris, the global leader in the fight against human trafficking, more than 49,000 cases of human trafficking have been reported to the Human Trafficking Hotline in the last ten years. It is estimated that the total number of victims nationally reaches hundreds of thousands. In this full day course, Tina DeCola, from Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, will teach 9-1-1 Professionals and Field Personnel critical factors about human trafficking, its link to other heinous crimes, and resources to aid them in these calls. Awareness and preparedness for this ever-growing threat is key to identifying victims and traffickers.


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Dates:  Aug. 24th 2020  Sept. 21st 2020  Oct. 20th 2020  Nov. 9th 2020  Dec. 1st 2020



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