Frontline/DALF Partner to Provide FREE Virtual QA Days


Venice. FL: Frontline Public Safety Solutions has partnered with the Denise Amber Lee Foundation and is sponsoring 4 FREE Virtual "QA Day" Workshops that will be held over the next few months on ZOOM. In 2015, The Denise Amber Lee Foundation was a driving force behind the first ever ANSI Standard for the Establishment of a Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Program for Public Safety Answering Points, Five board members from the foundation were part of the comprehensive national workgroup that crafted this document. During this course, Sherrill Ornberg, the Quality Assurance Director of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation, and Nathan Lee, President and CEO, will inspire, motivate, and help drive you to create a comprehensive Quality Assurance/Improvement process for your communications center. As an added bonus, Frontline Public Safety Solutions will highlight their "QA Evaluations" software that will help streamline and improve efficiency in your QA/QI process. Classes will NOT be recorded. 



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 Aug. 18th, 2020 Sept. 14th, 2020 Oct. 14th, 2020  Nov. 9th, 2020 Dec. 9th, 2020 
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About Frontline Public Safety Solutions:

FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions offers state-of-the-art cloud-based platforms that were created by Police Officers who saw the need for government agencies to update and facilitate the way they communicate and track pertinent information within their organizations.

FRONTLINE has three distinct platforms that give Police Departments, Hospital Security, State’s Attorneys Offices and Dispatch Centers a way to make their job’s a lot easier. We focused on simplifying and customizing each of our products to help our clients, citizens and community organizers stay in tune with each other.

Our goal is to simplify the means of collecting and disseminating information in a secure online environment. Technology is ever changing and it is hard for individual communities to keep up with the pace. Today, some information is still being collected by paper and pen or at best added into an excel file and stored on someone’s desktop. FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions will change the way data management works within a variety of government agencies.


About QA Evaluations: